A family tree helps tell your story...

A family tree is a chart that shows all the people in your family over many generations and their relationship to one another. Family trees are at the core of genealogy research. They are the starting point for understanding your family story and creating a detailed picture of your family history.

Here is an example of a genealogical family tree showing the diversity of Camissa African heritage.

Family Tree of Patric Mellet
Move your cursor to any part of the family tree image to see an enlarged area in the magnifying glass.

Family tree lineage country of origin key
Family tree DNA explanation

Notes: This Family Tree only includes direct grandparent lineage; not aunts, uncles, cousins, etc. This would triple the size of the Family Tree. Thus, other relations like Cornelia Arabus, Paai Soemboe, Maai Inabe Timor, Armozijn vdk and others are not on the chart.

The chart also omits siblings and descendants, viz. children and grandchildren. The current generation, like their forebears, also reflect diversity in marriages and offspring including Nama, Xhosa, Griqua, Indian, Chinese, Thai, Spanish and Camissa. All proudly African.

Mellet family tree extract in images


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